VoluDSC_7037nteer Description:

The PovA Studio Key Holder Volunteer is responsible for attending assigned studio hours determined in advance with PovA staff and locking and unlocking the studio for the PovA artists. We have volunteers that serve weekly, as well as once a month. The studio volunteer will be available for questions and conversation with the PovA artists during his/her studio hours. If there are additional projects in the studio (i.e. sorting art supplies, framing for an upcoming show, cutting flyers for the art crawl, etc), the studio volunteer can help at his/her discretion. The studio volunteer will also be responsible for making sure that the PovA artists have cleaned up their spaces, swept floor, cleaned brushes, etc before locking up the studio.


Contact us:

If interested in being a studio key holder volunteer, please email us at volunteer@povertyandthearts.org.

The studio + gallery address is 1114-A 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210 in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood.




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