Studio and Supplies

POVA Artists have access to our studio space and a variety of supplies during open studio hours. Our location also includes a studio space stocked with supplies, a community kitchenette space, a garden, a gallery, storefront area, and two gender-neutral restrooms.

Main Studio Area

The main studio area has a variety of arts supplies including painting, fiber arts, drawing, a sewing machine, an acoustic and electric guitar, a record player, assigned artist bins and mailboxes, a resource board, a hot/cold water dispenser, a coffee pot, refrigerator, and a desktop computer + hi-res camera with two lenses courtesy of the Frist Foundation technology grant.

Kitchen, First Aid Cabinet, & Restroom

Our kitchenette is a community kitchen and we encourage everyone to make use of the POVA kitchen space.

CINTAS donated a first cabinet which is located on-site in the POVA office. The first aid cabinet includes bandages, tapes and gauze, antiseptics and ointments, pain relief medication, and other first aid items.

We have two gender-neutral POVA restrooms. The restroom cabinets are often stocked with feminine and hygiene products, as well as cleaning products which artists are free to use if available. Learn about in-kind needs and donations HERE.


The POVA garden is located on the north side of the studio and includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. POVA hosts volunteer gardening days every spring and fall which artists are encouraged to attend. Artists and volunteers are encouraged to use the vegetables from the garden to cook with in the studio, as well as take home for later.


Art Supply Requests

In addition to being provided a variety of art supplies, an artist may fill out an Art Supply Request Form if he/she needs a specific type of material for a current art piece or project.

Organizing an Art Supply Drive

Our artists rely on having a stocked studio space in order to create and earn income for themselves. As a small nonprofit, we rely heavily on in-kind donations from the community in order to provide that opportunity. Want to help us secure art supplies for our artists to use by organizing an art supply drive? Learn more HERE.