Meet Sam

Sam Fulks joined our Artist Collective in May 2014. He is from Gallatin, TN and was homeless for almost 10 years before securing section 8 housing with his wife Kateri in April 2015. Sam is an artist from our 2014 inaugural program and creates sculptures, paintings, and copper etchings.  He began studying art at the age of six with an art teacher in his neighborhood. Sam attended the Art Institute of Atlanta (1978-80) where he studied photography. Sam has battled addiction to alcohol and prescription medication and to him, art is therapy. By staying focused on God, the ones he loves and art, he is able to keep him out of himself on the right path. Sam currently works part-time temp jobs around town. He says that Poverty & the Arts has been one of the greatest opportunities in his life.

“The program has helped me to have a positive attitude and outlook on life today.”

Personal Goal: To stay focused on God, the ones I love, and art.