Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.04.40 AM BECOME AN ARTIST!

In order to join our Artist Collective and become a PovA Artist, an individual must go through a multi-step process:

The first step in the process is to fill out an Artist Application, available online HERE and at the Poverty & the Arts Studio. You will then be contacted by the Executive Director to schedule and attend an interview. At this time the interested person must confirm that they are either currently or formerly homeless, as well as bring samples of their artwork. They will also provide a social security number so that Poverty & the Arts can perform a background check. The results of the background check will not prohibit anyone from joining the program.

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Once a prospective artist has filled out and turned in an application and completed an interview, he or she may begin attending the Artist Collective studio hours throughout the week. Before the artist may begin selling artwork through Poverty & the Arts, all individuals are required to attend an artist orientation that month. At this point, PovA artists are given an Artist Handbook and an Art Sales Contract. They will also take an artist headshot at the orientation.

After this orientation, each artist may begin selling artwork at the Poverty & the Arts Studio + Gallery. Opportunities include the monthly First Saturday Art Crawls, as well as selling artwork during storefront & studio hours.

At the end of an initial 30-day period, PovA artists may select 10 art pieces to add to Poverty & the Arts’ online Artist Marketplace. At this time, PovA artists may also begin exhibiting and selling artwork at  galleries and businesses across town.

To join, submit an application by dropping it off at our studio during open hours or emailing it to

Telling An Artist About Us?


Our studio address is 1114 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210. If the artist is taking the MTA bus, it’s Bus #4 from downtown. The artist will get off at Mildred Shutes (South of downtown past the 440  interstate and across from the Nashville Cemetery) and walk a block to 3rd Ave. If you or the artist has any questions, please email our Executive Director, Nicole for more information. Help connect artists to our unique program by directing them to our website or sending them to our open studio hours every Friday 11am-3pm.