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"Alumna Nicole Brandt Minyard Nominated for 2019 East Nashvillian of the Year" - Belmont Office of Communication, Dec 2019

"Local Arts Programs Give Voice to Underserved Communities" -Nashville Scene, Dec 2019

"Bus riders battle cold, long wait times. Overcrowded buses have become an issue along one route in East Nashville" -WKRN News 2, Nov 2019

"Nashville Design Week includes panel of people who experienced homelessness in city" - NewsChannel5, Nov 2019

"How do arts programs promote equity for underrepresented populations?" - Nonprofit Jeni, Oct 2019

"Nashville Homeless Artists Exhibit Work Internationally through Poverty and the Arts" - Belmont Office of Communication, Sept 2019

"New Program Teams Poverty and the Arts with Urban Housing Solutions" - The East Nashvillian, Sept 2019

"Two Nashville nonprofits help make art ownership possible for those in need" - ArtDaily, Sept 2019

"Homeless Leather Maker Works in Free Studio, Finds Art Supplies on the Streets" - Inside Edition, June 2019

"Homeless Nashville artist creates original leather-work, accessories and designs" - NewsChannel5, June 2019

"Artists impacted by homelessness use art to beautify, renew Dickerson Pike neighborhood" - Pride Publishing Group, June 2019

"Community Canvas: Celebrating Dickerson Pike's Creative Spirit" - Nashville Lifestyle Magazine, June 2019

"Poverty and the Arts" - East Tennessee Times, April 2019

"Poverty and the Arts moves to East Nashville, continues their mission to help the homeless" - NewsChannel5, March 2019

"Alumni Lead Local Non-Profit Poverty and the Arts" - Belmont Office of Communication, February 2019

Lightning 100 Potluck with Poverty and the Arts - Wannado Nashville, January 2019


"Love Thy Neighbor" - St. George's Episcopal Church's The Shield Magazine, Winter Edition 2018-2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Student and Alumni Edition - Belmont Center for Entrepreneurship, Dec 2018

"Nossi's 45 Days of Giving" - Nossi College of Art, November 2018

EastSide Art: September Preview - The Omnifold, Sept 2018

Poverty & the Arts Exhibit at Casa Azafrán - Nashville Scene, Sept 2018

NECAT’s Our Nashville featuring Poverty and the Arts - NECAT Network Our Nashville Season Two, August 2018

"Community Enrichment: Poverty and the Arts" - Nashville Arts Magazine, August 2018

"From Poverty To Picasso: Poverty & The Arts Encourages Creativity In Nashville Homeless Community" - The Contributor, June 2018

‘Poverty & The Arts' Launches New Campaign As Non-Profit Outgrows Studio Space - NewsChannel5, April 2018

"East Side Buzz: Frisson Soft Serve’s new shop, Poverty & the Arts’ move, Five Points Street Market, more" - The East Nashvillian Blog, April 2018

"Featured Nonprofit: Poverty & the Arts" - Nashville Offbeat, February 2018


"A Safe Place" - Julie Hullett Concierge Blog, Nov 2017

"Poverty & the Arts Artists featured at 2017 MBA Art Show" - Montgomery Bell Academy, Sept 2017

"Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations—Kateri Pomeroy, Nashville Quilt Project Painter" - Word of Mouth Conversations, August 2017

"Alumna Featured on “The Plus Side of Nashville,” Details Her Nonprofit Work" - Belmont Office of Communication, July 2017

"Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations—Nicole Brandt, Poverty & the Arts" - Word of Mouth Conversations, July 2017

Critics Pick: Poverty & the Arts Second Birthday Party - Nashville Scene, July 2017

The Plus Side: Poverty and The Arts - NewsChannel5, July 2017

"Celebrate Nashville Nonprofit Poverty and the Arts with Art Show, Beer" - Nashville Noise, July 2017

"Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations—Beth Gunn, Nashville Quilt Project Painter" - Word of Mouth Conversations, May 2017

"Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations— Tre’ Deuce Ronin, Nashville Quilt Project Painter" - Word of Mouth Conversations, April 2017

"Support the Arts in Nashville Through the Nashville Quilt Project" - 1767 Designs, April 2017

"From the Streets to the Studio" - Social Enterprise Alliance, March 2017

"Nashville advocates host panel discussion on city's affordable housing" - The Contributor, February 2017

"Conscious Conversation: Homelessness and Affordable Housing" - Conscious Conversations Panel, Feb 2017

"Poverty and the Arts Kicks off Wednesday Night Live 2017" - Franklin First United Methodist Church, Jan 2017

"Nicole Brandt Brings People Together Through Poverty and the Arts" - NeatNashville, Jan 2017



"Uniquely Nashville Arts: ‘Tis the season for affordable art" - Sports & Entertainment Nashville, Nov 2016

"Re-Painting the Face of Poverty" - Nalini Global, Sept 2016

Poverty & the Arts - The Honest Consumer, Sept 2016

Neighborhood Nonprofit Spotlight: Poverty and the Arts - Nashville Patch, Sept 2016 

2016 Statewide Arts Conference: Presenter Bios Nicole Brandt - Tennessee Arts Commission, June 2016

"Arts Immersion 2016 is Around the Corner!" - Arts & Business Council Blog, May 2016

"Alumna Brandt to Speak at Tennessee Arts Commission’s Statewide Conference" Belmont University Office of Communication, March 2016

"Vanderbilt Theatre engages audience to end Nashville poverty" - Vanderbilt News, February 2016

"Poverty & the Arts: A Sanctuary for the Homeless" - MoyoLiving, 2016



"Alumna’s Nonprofit Makes Nashville Scene Best of 2015 List" - Belmont University Office of Communication, Oct 2015

Best Up-and-Coming Nonprofit, Nashville Scene 2015

Poverty & the Arts Artists featured in Concourse A at BNA - Nashville International Airport, September 2015

Poverty & the Arts - ArtHives - 2015

"Transforming Poverty" - C615, Main Street Gallery Blog, April 2015

"Artists and Allies" - Caring Magazine, February 2015



"Alumna Featured for Work with Poverty & the Arts" -Belmont University Office of Communication, Oct 2014

"Homeless woman finds refuge in art" -USA Today, Sept 2014

"Homeless woman uses art to create roots" - The Tennessean, Sept 2014

"Poverty and the Arts Gala" - Nashville Arts Magazine, Sept 2014

"Poverty and the Arts Interview with Nicole Brandt" - Lightning 100's Nashville by Nicole, August 2014

"Brandt Showcases Art Reconciliation with Homeless" - Belmont University Office of Communication, Jan 2014




A Home in the Arts - Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2013

"Student Connects with Homeless through Arts" - Belmont University Office of Communication, June 2013