Our Impact

July 2017- June 2018 Annual Report

FY 17-18


Artists earn 60% of original artwork sales and 25% of reproductions of their designs. POVA reinvests its earned income back into the organization to continue to provide art supplies, studio space, developmental workshops, field trips, and exhibition opportunities to the artists.

By purchasing original artwork and merchandise created by our artists impacted by homelessness, customers provide an opportunity for our Artist Collective to earn income through their creative skills. Many individuals impacted by homelessness struggle to maintain traditional full time jobs due to criminal history, physical disability, and/or mental illness. By offering the artists in our Artist Collective an opportunity to earn supplemental income through their creative skills, they’re granted greater autonomy in their day-to-day lives and can take control over basics like where they eat, how they get around, and who they hang out with.


Instructional art workshops and exhibition events provide our artists an opportunity to gain valuable social, artistic, business and communication skills. Artists grow a professional skill set through regular interaction with the marketplace and learn entrepreneurial strategies to grow sales and income. Volunteers and customers are crucial to achieving these results by providing labor and capital through their participation.


By purchasing artwork, attending events, or volunteering in an environment where you can interact with our artists, customers and volunteers provide our artists with much needed perspective, encouragement, and confidence required to overcome difficult personal circumstances. By cultivating an environment that supports our artists’ critical emotional needs, our artists are able to continue to choose success for themselves in the midst of constant struggle and threatened well-being.

View the full 2017-2018 Annual Report here.