POVA Artist Collective

The artists overcoming homelessness in our POVA Artist Collective are pursuing art and entrepreneurship as a means to make supplemental income, gain professional skills, and develop security nets which aids in securing and maintaining housing.

In addition to earning 60% of the sale of original artwork and 25% commission on all prints and merchandise, our artists gain valuable artistic, business, and social skills through the Artist Collective program. The remaining percentage is invested back into the organization to help pay for the provided art supplies and studio space.  Art is a way for our artists to find beauty and an outlet in the midst of their daily struggles.

Read quotes and testimonies by a few of our artists HERE.

To schedule an interview, purchase artwork, commission for an event, or any other information, please contact Executive Director, Nicole, at nicole@povertyandthearts.org. You can browse and purchase all artwork online at our Artist Marketplace.

Click each artist below to read their story and browse their online collection of artwork and merchandise for sale.

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