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Meet Our Artists

The members of our POVA Artist Collective program are artists who are impacted by homelessness (currently or formerly) due to a variety of complex circumstances including living with mental and physical disabilities, disabled veterans, women fleeing abusive situations, refugees, formerly incarcerated individuals, and many other under-served populations. Currently, 58% percent of our clients identify as male, 37% identify as female, and 5% identify as non-binary. Their ages range from 24 to 74 and all are impacted by the employment and income barriers above.

By providing the artists in our Collective a professional studio space, quality supplies, and a variety of marketplaces, they have the opportunity to increase their independence by producing marketable art, gaining artistic and job skills, and publicly displaying their work so they can earn income from creating and selling art.

Learn more about becoming a POVA artist HERE.

Click each POVA artist below to read their story: 

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