Meet Ellie


Ellie Kane joined our artist collective in May 2016. She is originally from Staten Island, NY and was homeless for six months upon moving to Nashville and then homeless on and off for five years mainly due to spousal abuse. With her experience of homelessness behind her, she is now a homeowner. Ellie has been making art since she was six years old, inspired to continue by an artistic family, including an aunt who made her living as an artist. A survivor of childhood trauma and bullying, Ellie's trajectory is forward, and she likes to create lively colorful pieces that contrast the darkness of her past. She hopes these pieces will touch and uplift others who need it. In addition to visual art, Ellie likes to write essays, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and occasionally song lyrics.

"I’d like to marry visual art with words, and create works that will inspire others to feel validated. Everyone is beautiful, but not everyone realizes it. I’d like to change that."

Personal Goal: To receive more professional development and learn new techniques.

Browse works by Ellie HERE.