Meet Deuce


Tre "Deuce" Ronin joined the POVA Artist Collective in September 2017. He is originally from Louisiana and was homeless this past time for 2 years due to illness and medical debt before securing section 8 housing in October 2017. Deuce has been doing graffiti since he was five years old and says it opened the gate to everything in his life. He says graffiti was the first art form that allowed him to get his emotions out. When he became homeless, there wasn't any time or resources to make art which led him to a deep depression and panic attacks. 

"I notice when I’m angry I tend to make darker pieces. While I’ve done yoga and meditation, creating is when I feel the most Zen. My mind tends to race constantly and, only when I’m doing art, can I can focus all of my energy."

Personal Goals: To never go back to the dark place he was living in and to have the opportunity to create art and alternate between many different mediums. He would love to experiment with film editing, photography, painting and music, and make a living at them all." 

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