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Meet David




David Parr joined our Artist Collective in November 2014. He is from Sevierville, TN, but moved to Nashville in September of 2008 after being honorably discharged from the army. He became homeless after being released from jail in Oct 2014. After a 7-month experience with homelessness, he acquired housing in May of 2015. He currently works full-time at a local screen-printing company. He has always been creative, but started seriously pursuing art upon joining the program. Most David’s skills have been self-taught. However, he has been educated in graphic design at International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT). Through his artistic endeavors, David is pursuing an outlet in which to express his ideas. He loves mixed media, creating unique sculptures, and writing poetry.

“Being a part of this community makes me feel like I finally fit in somewhere. It’s as if I’m actually wanted, instead of just existing. Some people even look up to me now, as a friend and as a leader.”

Personal Goal: To help men and women in similar struggles to have a stable environment in which they can move on to a better life themselves. I believe Poverty & the Arts is a good starting point.

Studio chef, key holder, and maintenance and repair man–David helps out with anything and everything that needs to be done at the studio. In addition to contributing hours of volunteer work alongside his art time, David has also shared his apartment with many artists that have transitioned through our program.