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Meet Ben

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Ben Littrell joined the artist collective in June 2018. Originally from Michigan, Ben has had an interest in creativity since he was a child. One of his earliest memories is in the third grade, when he drew a picture of a snow leopard. From then on, he knew he had a passion for making art. Ben went on to study design/architecture at the University of Michigan, and lived in Chicago for five years doing architecture work. Due to past trauma and economic struggles, Ben experienced housing instability for the first time in 2008, and lived in his car while travelling and picking up odd jobs. The following years would be spent doing many things in the creative realm, such as exhibition set up and graphic design for different art galleries. Due to a whirlwind of events, Ben wound up in Nashville in April 2018. Although he’s a visual artist that primarily works with paint, Ben is also a musician. If you’re lucky, you might see him busking on the street around Nashville!


Personal Goal: Be a full time artist, to the point where I can support myself by selling my art.


“There’s no translation for the experience of the human heart. You can’t translate it through words, you have to explain it through feelings, and paintings are a really good way to do that.”