Group Volunteer Projects

Looking for a group volunteer project?

  • Repainting Gallery WallsPOVA is looking for groups and/or individual volunteers each month to help us patch and repaint our gallery walls on a selected day in preparation for the Second Saturday Art Stumble. Volunteer groups will need to be available during the first week of the month in order for POVA to finish and hang work by our Art Stumble.
  • Art Stumble Meal -Each month before our Second Saturday Art Stumble at our Studio & Gallery in East Nashville, POVA is looking for individuals or groups to provide and share a much-needed meal to our artists before the Art Crawl begins. Organize a group from church, grab your friends, or invite your family to attend and help meet our artists’ critical physical and emotional needs while sharing the meal. This is a perfect opportunity to make an impact and spend time with those you love.
  • Coaster/Notecard Packaging Day - Organize a coaster/notecard packaging day at our studio with your group and help our artists impacted by homelessness earn income, as well as see their artwork and learn their stories. Artists earn 25% commission on each coaster that sells with their design. 
Email to schedule your group project today.