Meet Clinecasso

David “Clinecasso” Cline joined our Artist Collective in May 2016. He is from Murfreesboro, TN and was homeless for 6 years, due to lack of work, before securing housing. Since August 2010, he has been a published artist and vendor for The Contributor Street Newspaper. He has been making art since he was a freshman in high school. Using bold color and shapes, he works primarily with sharpie markers. He likes art because he gets to use 100% of his imagination. Clinecasso has been a Contributor vendor from the very beginning, starting over 6 years ago. You can find Clinecasso’s artwork regularly in The Contributor, including one of their annual wrapping paper editions! Pick up an issue and meet Clinecasso.

Personal Goal: To be recognized as “Clinecasso” and to get my artwork out in the community.