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Become involved in an increasingly visible corporate partnership with the Poverty & the Arts. Your partnership will associate your company with a beloved organization that supports both the arts and the homeless community.

Meeting Multiple Corporate Goals

Poverty & the Arts is an ideal partner for maximizing your investment in the community. Poverty & the Arts’ excellent programs and multi-faceted audience appeal offer a unique opportunity to achieve multiple corporate objectives. With a contribution to Poverty & the Arts your corporation supports:
  • An increasingly visible organization in Nashville
  • A unique arts-based service opportunity that connects Nashville with its homeless population
  • Strong community relationships with both the arts and social welfare communities
  • Empowerment of the homeless population through creative outlets and professional development
  • Collaboration with what both homeless and arts organizations are already doing in Nashville
  • A non-profit organization with unique audience appeal

Maximum Corporate Visibility
Our customized corporate programs have increasingly significant marketing value and will build your corporation’s image in the local community and beyond. Through a partnership, sponsorship and/or volunteer effort with Poverty & the Arts, your company has the opportunity to:

  • Leverage your corporate philanthropic and/or marketing dollars
  • Brand your product or corporate image
  • Increase your exposure in the community


Please email us at  if interested in a corporate sponsorship.


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We are an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
All contributions are tax-deductible.
EIN: 46-3699416