“My Rib” - Artist Contribution: David Parr

Posted by David P on Nov 30th 2014

MY RIBWhere is my rib oh lord? The one from my side. I’ve looked everywhere, I cannot find my bride. Behind a rock, And by the sea. Where is the one You have made for me? I’ve looked east And I’ve loo … read more

"Retelling our Community Arts Day" – Volunteer Contribution

Posted by Allie Gospel, Spring 2014 Theatre Volunteer on Nov 12th 2014

As a college student, I am always looking for volunteer opportunities. So when I heard about the chance to do improv comedy with “Room at the Inn,” I immediately signed up. I really didn’t know much a … read more
#AFTAcon Shapes New Poverty & the Arts Program

#AFTAcon Shapes New Poverty & the Arts Program

Posted by Nicole on Aug 12th 2014

A couple months ago I was invited to attend the Americans for the Arts Convention in Nashville, TN with the opportunity to write about it on our Poverty & the Arts blog. While I’ve been to other confe … read more

Kateri's First Art Show

Posted by Nicole on Jul 12th 2014

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I’m so excited”, Kateri told me as she opened her door to the extended-stay hotel she was staying at. I smiled as I walked in and embraced her. It was the d … read more