Summer 2018: Intern Reflection

Summer 2018: Intern Reflection

Posted by Olivia Zavitson on Aug 16th 2018

As my summer with Poverty and the Arts comes to a close, I can’t help but think about how fast it has went by! At my college, I am a part of a service scholar program that requires me to complete two … read more
It All Started With a Snow Leopard: New Artist Ben Littrell

It All Started With a Snow Leopard: New Artist Ben Littrell

Posted by Olivia Zavitson on Jul 18th 2018

“There’s no translation for the experience of the human heart. You can’t translate it through words, you have to explain it through feelings, and paintings are a really good way to do that.”BEN LITT … read more

Hope Has a New Home: Sustainers Circle

Mar 28th 2018

With the help of donations from supporters like you, we continue to advance our mission of providing artists impacted by homelessness with the needed art supplies, studio space, training, and marketpl … read more

"Me Too" - Artist Contribution: Ellie Kane

Posted by Ellie on Apr 20th 2017

(as appeared in the Contributor Street Newspaper)“My name is Ellie. I am significant in the life of someone many of you know or buy papers from, a writer, artist, and Contributor vendor who has freque … read more