Statement in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

May 30th 2020

Statement in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and acknowledge the inequity Black lives experience in our society. From being disproportionally impacted by police brutality and the prison industrial complex to COVID19, we commit to working together to practice anti-racism and bring about necessary change in our community. 

Check out the statistics within our own mission:

Homelessness: “By far the most striking disproportionality can be found among African Americans, who make up 40 percent of the homeless population despite only representing 13 percent of the general population.” (Source HERE.)

Arts: “A study of collections of 18 major US museums found that 85.4% of the works in the collections of all major US museums belong to white artists, and African American artists have the lowest share with just 1.2% of the works.” (Source HERE.)

We will continue to use art, culture, and relationships to reimagine a more just society.

As artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez explains, “In order to genuinely tap into the power of art as a catalyst for social change, we must not only consider the WHAT of the artistic object, but also HOW it came to be and WHO was involved in its creation, as well as WHOSE perspective it reflects. This is how we will recognize, challenge and ultimately dismantle the white supremacy that still dominates our world and the art ecosystem as we know it. Because when we are able to include the stories, the experiences, and the perspectives of people of color, women, immigrants, and queer folks, our world becomes more inclusive, more open, and more loving. We will hear stories that humanize, that complicate ingrained biases, and that ultimately inspire you to advocate for the humanity of a person who might be very different from you.”

Art by @quotesbychristie

Image description: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” —Martin Luther King Jr