Spring Into Art Education with POVA

Mar 25th 2020

Spring Into Art Education with POVA

We've set a goal to raise $5,000 this spring which will allow us to build an arts educational program that teaches our artists foundational art skills like the principles of art and design, as well as provide them opportunities to experiment and learn new mediums. The Six Talents Foundation will be matching all donations $1 for $1 up to $5,000!

Why Art Education?

Our Artist Collective is committed to helping our artists elevate the quality and presentation of their work by providing them access to specialty art supplies and then artistic workshops and training on how to utilize those supplies to grow their skills.

We hope these educational opportunities are a catalyst for our artists to develop independent art careers, ensure sustainable use of our resources, and foster a spirit of lifelong learning and growth.

Win your own art education experience!

In the spirit of art education, we've partnered with Board & Brush, a creative studio with DIY workshops that teaches you how to make custom wood signs and décor pieces for your home. Make a donation of $100 or more during our Spring Art Education Fundraiser (now through the Big Payback on May 7 at 6pm) and you'll be automatically entered to win one (1) full price workshop gift card and a mini sign from Board & Brush. 

Other ways to help us expand our emerging art education program this spring:

  1. Grant a wish and send us something we can't afford on our own from our Studio Equipment Wish List HERE.
  2. Stock our studio with essential supplies from our Art Supply Wish List HERE.
  3. Enrich our printed educational resources by purchasing a book on our Artist Library Wish List HERE.
  4. Help us raise funds during this year's #BigPayback: Start a campaign HERE, make a donation from Wed, May 6 at 6pm to Thurs, May 7 at 6pm during the 2020 Big Payback, and attend our virtual events to help us win additional cash prizes.


Workshops are an important part of providing POVA artists opportunities to gain new artistic skills, discover new artistic mediums and passions, as well as meet local artists in the community.

Take a look at a few of our favorite past POVA artistic workshops:

  • Line, Shape, and Space in Observational Drawing
  • Street Art, Wall Murals, and Public Art
  • Color Theory and Pigment Mixing
  • Finding your Artistic Process and Voice
  • Professional Practices in Art and Pricing Guidelines
  • Introduction to Lino Block Printmaking
  • Introduction to Mixed Media
  • Introduction to Fabric Marbling
  • Introduction to Photography: Aperture, Shutter speed, Types of Light


“It’s awesome to see people who care and give you an open door⏤a key to unlock your talents and discover what you can do. POVA is an avenue and opportunity to sell our artwork and get exposure in the art world.” ⏤POVA Artist, Kateri (pictured right)

Thank you for investing in our artists and our emerging art educational program at POVA!

Make an Online Donation Here

Mail a check payable to Poverty and the Arts
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