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Intern Reflection by Britta - Spring 2019

Intern Reflection by Britta - Spring 2019

Posted by Britta Stride on Apr 15th 2019

Working at POVA has taught me so much more about life than any other place I have worked. The first day, you immediately feel welcomed, having both artists and staff wanting to get to know you. While you get to see the ins and outs of how a non-profit runs, you also learn so much about compassion and how one idea can change the lives of so many people in our community. 

Before I worked here, I didn’t realize that I had inherent biases towards the homeless community. I will never forget my first full day when one of our artists, Ben, came into the office and told me his life story. In that moment, I realized how homelessness can affect anyone due to crazy life circumstances. These artists use painful pasts to create art that is unique and beautiful and allows them to heal. Even having a small part in that, changed me in a way I am forever grateful for.

The community here at POVA is unlike any other work in environment I have been in. You learn constantly, and are challenged in only positive ways. I have not only learned, but gained insight and found a passion that I didn’t know I had. I would recommend working here to anyone, and am excited to continue being apart of POVA in various ways.