Explore our new 3D Gallery!

Aug 13th 2020

Explore our new 3D Gallery!

Welcome to our brand new POVA 3D Gallery! We're excited to share this virtual experience with you where viewers can explore our gallery space, interact with artwork, and find easy access links to purchase. We'll change the artwork quarterly, so stay tuned for this fall and holiday season! Amidst continued COVID-19 closures and social distancing, we are hopeful that this virtual tour will help us meet our artwork sales goals, increase accessibility for those who can't physically visit our gallery, and expand our market beyond Nashville and Tennessee.

Throughout the virtual tour, use the faint white circles on the floor to move around the room and be sure to click on the "tags" (blue and white circles) to learn more about the artwork or other gallery features. For example, you can click the tag attached to the silver map above the fireplace to learn more about our #50in20 campaign.

To continue keeping our artists and staff safe, we will be offering private gallery showings rather than re-opening to the public at this time. If you would like to schedule a private gallery showing at POVA with CDC guidelines for COVID-19 in place, email our Program Coordinator, Emily, at

Click HERE to explore POVA's 3D Gallery