Black History Month

Posted by Carolina on Feb 28th 2017

Hello Poverty & the Arts readers and anyone who just stumbled upon this page (stick around),

It’s February 28th, the last day of Black History month, the night of the last day of Black History month, AKA: The final hours for me to make a long overdue post about Black History month. I’m catching you just in the knick of time to showcase the work of a few of our amazing artists, who truly deserve to be recognized this month (and always): A.M. Hassan, Gwendolyn Johnson, and Erica Spann.

A.M Hassan has been a part of our Artist Collective since September of 2016. She creates captivating landscape and nature paintings using acrylics, oils, and watercolors. She also creates unique wearable art. Amatullah recently had the joy of creating a wall mural for her great-grandchild’s nursery. This child marked the fifth generation of her family living at the time and she wanted the mural to reflect their family’s African heritage. From that inspiration, this stunning scene was born:



This is just one example of the beautiful landscape work A.M Hassan creates. View her purchasable artwork in our online shop:

Gwendolyn has been a part of our Artist Collective since December of 2014. She creates paintings that typically include bright colored shapes and images. She has a knack for creating artwork that catches the eye and instills joy in those that view it. Gwen has done so remarkably in these pieces that are inspired by her identity as an African American woman:



These pieces along with other purchasable art by Gwen can be viewed in our online shop:

Erica has been a part of our Artist Collective since September of 2016 and is one of our most recent members! Erica is mainly a painter, but is also experimenting with other types of art. The abstract nature of Erica’s pieces leave space for the viewer to explore and process. Erica has created that space in these striking pieces that reflect both her African American and female identity:


Though we are still working on adding Erica’s work to our online shop, her work (along with all of our other artists’ work) can be viewed and purchased at our studio and gallery: 1114-A 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210.

We are so fortunate to work with a group of artists that come from varying backgrounds and perspectives. This fuel for our collective creativity and provide space and for us to learn from and grow through each other. We have many valuable things to learn from these women and we are thankful to have the opportunity to do so.


Poverty & the Arts via Carolina Smith