50 States in 2020 #50in20

Apr 20th 2020

50 States in 2020 #50in20

Join us in shipping POVA artwork and merchandise to all 50 states in 2020!

We made a goal to ship POVA artwork and merchandise to ALL 50 states in 2020! Will you help us meet our goal? It's this easy:

  1. Review the graphic above to see if you live or know someone in a state we haven't shipped POVA work to yet.
  2. Once you've identified a person in a state that hasn't been crossed out, visit and browse our original artwork, greeting cards, and coasters.
  3. Find the perfect piece for your loved one and add to your cart.
  4. Enter your payment information and the shipping information of your loved one in a different state.
  5. Voila! We will ship your gift and be able to mark another state off our list, making us one step closer to meeting our goal! Thank you!

"I appreciate the revenue that I get and what I make on my art. It gives me a sense of worth in a way that people really enjoy what I do and they want to have a piece." --POVA Artist, Kateri

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