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12 Days of Artists – Day 7: Kateri Pomeroy

12 Days of Artists – Day 7: Kateri Pomeroy

Dec 9th 2018

Kateri Pomeroy

“My favorite part about Poverty & the Arts is getting to be with the other artists because I get inspiration from their works. I’m always seeing some of the things they create, and you know, I’m thinking, ‘I wish I could do that!’ Getting feedback and inspiration from the other artists is my favorite part” -Kateri

Kateri Pomeroy joined our Artist Collective in May 2014. She is originally from Denver, CO and was homeless in Nashville for 4 years. While in our program, Kateri secured section 8 housing in April 2015 with the help of Open Table Nashville. Kateri is a returning artist from our 2014 inaugural program. Her interest in creating art began while coloring with her mother, and when she started school and took art classes, that passion grew. Now in her more advanced years, the passion to create has more intensity with each created piece, as she views each creation as its own spiritual experience. Her favorite mediums are acrylic painting and sculpture with found objects. She is known for her bold and colorful abstract art pieces. Kateri has live-painted at many local events around town including the Arts & Business Council's Summer Soiree fundraiser and West End United Methodist Church's Pilgrimage Journey.

"My homelessness has impacted my art in really having a deep conviction and desire to express myself artistically because I didn’t really have an opportunity to do it when I was homeless because, you know, you’re always in survival mode. That’s the main thing on your mind—surviving the day, getting through the day. And this way, with Poverty & the Arts, I don’t have to think about that. All I can do is concentrate and be focused on creating. That’s the influence homelessness had on me—to be more focused on who I am as an artist, not that I’m just a homeless person." –

Kateri's work