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12 Days of Artists – Day 6: Gwendolyn Johnson

12 Days of Artists – Day 6: Gwendolyn Johnson

Dec 8th 2018

"When I was homeless, I had a fear of people. When I began to come to Poverty and the Arts, some days I would just come to the studio to be with the other artists. They began to be my family. Art was my therapy because it made me feel comfortable about who I am on the inside." - Gwen

Gwendolyn Johnson joined our Artist Collective in December 2014. She is from Hopkinsville, KY and was homeless for 9 years before securing housing through Urban Housing Solutions in March 2017. Gwen has been creating art since she was a child, and her favorite medium is painting on canvas. She is known for her energetic bright colors and bold shapes.

"When I first started, my favorite thing to paint was flowers. Living in the world of homelessness, I saw a lot of evil and nastiness. So I started reflecting on the good things— flowers, vases, just anything that made me feel pretty. Because if I’m drawing something beautiful, then somebody’s going to catch it. And people have been!" –Gwen