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12 Days of Artists – Day 11: Daniel Holmes

12 Days of Artists – Day 11: Daniel Holmes

Dec 20th 2018

Daniel Holmes is originally from Nashville, TN. He was homeless for 3 years until securing temporary housing in a local motel. Daniel has been making art for 10 years. His past creative experiences includes traveling the U.S. working as a freelance artist working with a range of genres from landscape to personal portraits. He gathers inspiration from history as well as the people around him, especially those that he interacts with when creating art. He ultimately would like to give back with his art. His desire is to use the income he generates by selling his artwork to create a nonprofit that would provide food and support for single-parent families. He is interested in learning more about the Renaissance period of art and would like to become an art instructor teaching architectural drawing once he feels more confident in his abilities.

This year Daniel's goals include:

  1. Creating three or more new pieces of art
  2. Achieving a level of financial freedom that would enable him to purchase and work with the art materials of his choice
  3. Producing a work of art that would benefit others through the money its sale would generate