"Me Too" - Artist Contribution: Ellie Kane

Posted by Ellie on Apr 21st 2017

(as appeared in the Contributor Street Newspaper)“My name is Ellie. I am significant in the life of someone many of you know or buy papers from, a writer, artist, and Contributor vendor who has freque … read more

Artist Spotlight: David Parr

Posted by Carolina on Mar 17th 2017

David has been a vital part of our Artist Collective, since he joined in November of 2014. David is known for his unique eye creatures, which you can read about in the interview below:What inspired yo … read more

Black History Month

Posted by Carolina on Mar 1st 2017

Hello Poverty & the Arts readers and anyone who just stumbled upon this page (stick around),It’s February 28th, the last day of Black History month, the night of the last day of Black History month, A … read more

We're Back

Posted by Carolina on Feb 17th 2017

Hello all you Poverty and the Arts Blog readers out there! I am Carolina Smith, the brand new writing intern at Poverty & the Arts. You can and should expect to hear a lot from me in the coming months … read more

Ending Year One

Posted by Nicole on Jun 30th 2015

Poverty & the Arts started as a dream to bring community members together. It started as a way to connect Nashville’s rich with Nashville’s poor. It started as space of creativity for Nashville’s mos … read more