Become an Artist

Become a POVA Artist!

Each POVA artist is given the opportunity to generate income through the sale of their artwork and merchandise, as well as gain professional development and entrepreneurial skills to help achieve their personal and financial goals. POVA artists are provided art supplies, studio space, exhibition opportunities, frames, and more. POVA artists earn 60% of any sold original artwork and 25% of prints and merchandise. 


Open Studio Hours: Artists have access to our studio space and supplies during open studio hours. The main studio area has a variety of arts supplies, a sewing machine, an acoustic and electric guitar, a record player, assigned artist bins and mailboxes, a hot/cold water dispenser, a coffee pot, and a refrigerator. Our location also includes a community kitchen space, a garden, two galleries and a bathroom.

Headshots and Bio: All artists will receive a headshot and Artist Bio after signing contracts. Artists will receive Artist Bio Cards and Business cards that will be distributed when original works and merchandise are sold

Exhibiting: Artists have the opportunity to exhibit and sell works in our gallery space during the Second Saturday East Side Art Stumble, online, and at events, businesses, and galleries across town. Click HERE to view of list of past venues our artists exhibited in around town.

Professional Development: In addition to business cards, artists are provided opportunities to learn about pricing, branding, budgeting, negotiating, and more. POVA also sponsors artists’ participation in workshops and relevant certificate programs in Nashville.


Step 1: Submit an Artist Application by dropping it off at our studio during open hours or emailing it to

Step 2: After completing and submitting the Artist Application to the Program Coordinator, artists will be contacted to attend an interview, sign the necessary sales contract and Artist Handbook, and attend the New Artist Orientation.