Barrels of Fun - Kateri

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3D wall sculpture

Created by Kateri

Included: Photo + Bio of the artist

Artist Statement: In creating my 3D sculptures, I have combined wood, acrylic, metal, and other found objects.  The use of these materials represent the diversity of natural materials with human-made objects to emphasize the unity of combined mediums to create visual harmony for the lover of abstract art.  My process is simple: taking geometric shapes and color variations to create 3D wall art on panel board and canvas.  I choose the colors first in this process, with some forethought to the shapes I will use in a piece. Next, I begin to place patterns and colors which seems to take on a life of their own.  What pleases my eye is how I determine where the colors and objects are placed.

Artists overcoming homelessness earn 60% commission on original artwork and 25% commission on merchandise with their designs. Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on your screen.