Join our artist recruitment team!

We are seeking volunteers to serve on our Artist Recruitment team. Throughout the year, our Artist Recruitment team will be reaching out to various homeless service organizations in Nashville and giving presentations to their clients. Team roles include researching and emailing homeless organizations, designing flyers and brochures to give to potential artists, and speaking with and getting to know interested candidates. We are looking for volunteers with a passion to connect and make genuine relationships with our artists. If you would like to join our Artist Recruitment team or you would like to connect us to a homeless organization/ artist, please email us at

Telling An Artist About Us?

Our studio address is 1114 3rd Ave S Nashville, TN 37210. If the artist is taking the MTA bus, it’s Bus #4 from downtown. The artist will get off at Mildred Shutes (past the interstate and across from the cemetery) and walk a block to 3rd Ave. If you or the artist has any questions, please email our Executive Director, Nicole for more information. Help connect artists to our unique program by directing them to our website or sending them to our open studio hours every Friday 11am-3pm.

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