Poverty & the Arts’  Artist Marketplace is a place to view and purchase our artists’ work online. Poverty & the Arts provides art supplies, studio space, exhibition opportunities, and professional development training for the artists in our Artist Collective.

 Poverty & the Arts’ Artist Collective is comprised of artists overcoming homelessness that are pursuing art and entrepreneurship as a means to make real, sustainable change in their lives. Whether they’re generating income through art, obtaining job preparation skills, finding focus and determination through our program expectations, or simply networking and cultivating relationships in the creative community, our Artist Collective is full of artists striving to make their lives better.

Our artists earn 60% commission on the sale of original works and 25% commission on the sale of prints and merchandise with their designs. Purchasing an artist’s work is an investment in his/her future and success. With the earnings from the sale of their artwork, our artists have been able to purchase cell phones and minutes, bus passes, nights at a hotel during extremely cold weather, and even their own art supplies. Our artists are also saving for their own personal goals towards housing and vehicles.

 When you visit the Artist Marketplace, you’ll find something for every taste in a range of price points. Mediums include:

  • paintings
  • pastels
  • charcoal drawings
  • ink drawings
  • mixed media
  • sculptures
  • graphic design/spit painting
  • hand-crafted jewelry

Check out our online Artist Marketplace here!