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Meet Our Artists

Group of POVA artists in Studio Group of POVA artists at Frist

The POVA Artist Collective provides a professional art studio, fine art supplies, artistic and business workshops, and gallery exhibition and representation to artists impacted by homelessness in drawing, painting, photography, jewelry, leather, fiber arts, mixed media, sewing, printmaking, and more so they can have the opportunity to create and sell their work. The program is further enriched by trips to museums, galleries, and artists’ studios. POVA artists develop a working portfolio and exhibit and sell works in the POVA Gallery as well as venues across the city.

POVA artists earn 60% commission on original artwork sales and 25% on reproductions of their designs. POVA reinvests its earned income back into the organization to continue to provide art supplies, studio space, developmental workshops, field trips, and exhibition opportunities to the artists, establishing a sustainable social enterprise model.

Through engagement in the Artist Collective program, POVA artists earn creative income which gives them greater autonomy in their day-to-day lives, as well as gain valuable entrepreneurial and social skills which allows them to access better jobs, increase housing stability, and build the necessary social security networks to remain out of homelessness.

Art is a way for our artists to find beauty in the midst of their daily struggles. Art also facilitates a space for our community members to build meaningful experiences with individuals impacted by homelessness and see them as a creative and talented part of our community.

Interested in becoming an artist? Click here for more info.

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