Meet A.M. Hassan

Amatullah M. Hassan joined our Artist Collective in September 2016. She is from Nashville, TN and was homeless for a year with her husband earlier in life after being laid off from a job. She now lives in a house with her husband in East Nashville. After graduating from high school, she received some formal art training at the University of Tennessee. Her mediums of choice are acrylic, oil, and watercolor, as well as wearable art and silk embroidery. In addition to acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings, Amatullah creates hand-painted wearable art and silk embroidery pieces. In 2007, she received a VSA Arts of Florida grant to teach disabled children. She majored in Drafting and Architectural Design at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City FL.Her art has been featured at numerous events and exhibits over the years, and she is excited to start exploring her art again after taking a long break from painting to raise and support her family.

Personal Goal: To paint more, finish the paintings that I have already started, and transition into creating paintings that deliver a message.


Read A.M. Hassan’s Artavita page HERE.